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National Solar Tour

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Sep 28–Oct 4, 2020
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Traditionally, local solar tours have been a series of solar open houses within a community. This year, with your help, we hope to engage those same community members in creating all-virtual local solar tours.

Part of the appeal of local solar tours is the connections that can be formed within a community. A local tour is a chance for solar supporters to connect with each other, and with nearby solar home and business owners. We will do our best to facilitate these discussions and connections through a virtual platform. Through live-streaming events, community Q&A, video tours, virtual electric vehicle test drives, and much more, we can continue to amplify the power of solar energy, even in these trying times.

If you are interested in hosting a virtual local solar tour, please sign up below, and we will be in touch to provide the support you need to make your virtual solar tour a success. If you have any questions or comments regarding local tours please contact [email protected]. Check out our 2020 National Solar Tour Brochure!

2020 Local Solar Tours

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